Lahemaa Heritage House

Lahemaa Heritage House has its roots in (the family of) Iisaka Sheep and Handicraft Farm in Kuusalu Parish, Harju County. As many of our activities are no longer only concerned with the undertakings of our family farm, we decided to found the non-profit association Mind of Our Fathers, which operates under the name of Lahemaa Heritage House. With the aim of preserving and passing on our cultural heritage, we hold seminars, consultations and events, and lead our own lives with respect for heritage.

Liis Burk, the mistress of Lahemaa Heritage House, grew up on Iisaka Farm. She is an artisan, a graduate of the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy with a master’s degree in heritage technology, and a researcher of heritage weddings.

Roland Burk, the master of Lahemaa Heritage House, came, saw and conquered Liis’s heart He is a proper certified woodsman – survival coach, woodworker and an eager singer and dancer.

Other members of family, friends and supporters are also actively involved in the undertakings of Lahemaa Heritage House.